Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes Concert Review – Bardot Miami – Miami, FL – August 7, 2014

Just got home from seeing @ClairyBrowne1 and @ClairyBrowne in concert at @BardotMiami. Here are my thoughts, from someone who has been to way too many concerts. DISCLAIMER: I tweeted Clairy Browne before the show and she tweeted me back. I was also able to meet her before the show and introduce myself. She appeared to be super sweet and was as wonderful as I expected her to be.

Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes put on a GREAT show. Her smoky soulful voice is unmatched and the rest of the band does a great job in supporting her.  However, I was left unfulfilled as the show as pretty short (a little over one hour by my count) and omitted some crucial cuts.

While Frankie and Yellow Bird are great tracks, I would imagine that, given the choice, most fans (including me) would rather hear Lean Lanky Daddy and Whatta Man than some of the slower tracks performed.  I understand opening with Jenny (GREAT track, by the way) and putting Love Letter near the end, but due to the show’s length, I feel it needed more upbeat material.  A longer show would easily support Frankie, Yellow Bird and my favorite, Vicious Cycle. But with such a short show, there isn’t a lot of room for slow songs that don’t have the pure unadulterated passion of She Plays Up to You, one of the highlights of the Miami show, or Heart’s Desire.  Hopefully future shows will allow more time to dig deeper into the discography.

I really enjoyed the shtick of the backup singers and the organized departure and arrival of everyone.  Also, a few comments to introduce each track is helpful to an audience who probably doesn’t know your history or the background of the songs.

The audio mix was decent but we really need to hear much more of the baritone sax.  It is the heart and soul of many tracks but unfortunately was hard to hear, even for me who sat right by the stage and was listening for it.  Losing the baritone sax made several songs just average – the depth and punctuation added by the baritone sax was lost, which is a real shame.

Ultimately, I didn’t get enough and want to go to Orlando tomorrow evening to see that show, but I’m not sure if I will get anything different.  Will see if I can get away to catch that show and maybe hear Vicious Cycle and some other different tracks I didn’t hear in Miami.

Stay tuned….

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  1. Hi David! I saw Clairy BrownE last month – my finance’s band opened for them here in Fresno. They put on a good show! And those OUTFITS!! :-)